Inside Kuta Beach and surrounding

Let's find your hotel, pub, bar, restaurant, spa, shopping mall & much more around Kuta Beach Bali

Don't know what to do,where to go,what to eat & where to stay around Kuta Beach?

Find out your hotels, activities, hangout, pub, bar, restaurant, spa, tourist information, apartment, bungalow, night club, discotheque, art shop, supermarket, mini mart, shopping center and much more around Kuta Beach

All about Kuta beach

Kuta beach is a white sand beach that extends along 7 miles and covered by many hotels, pub, bar, restaurant, spa, tourist information, apartment, bungalow, night club, discotheque, art shop, supermarket, mini mart and shopping center. Famous shopping center right in kuta beach such as Kuta Beach Walk Shopping Center, Discovery Shopping Mall and Matahari Kuta Square. Kuta Beach is an icon and heart of Bali (It is a highlight of tourism industry in Bali). It has 2 famous aisles that existed before mass tourism (They are Poppies lane 1 and Poppies lane 2). You can find budget room accommodation until star room hotel, restaurant, night club, art shop along left and right both this aisles.

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Tips to visit Kuta beach

We really recommend for beach lover to exploring and hunting Kuta beach by walking and coming along coastline at distance around 3-7 km ( the distance is up to you and depend of your time). Wow you are very lucky and it will be a unique view of yours. Many things and rich inspiration you will catch and find during your short trip including people meet people from more than 200 countries, culture meet culture from different tribes and nation, ethnic meet ethnic. You don’t need to visit one by one place from all over the world to see and discover the various human races. One stop Kuta beach a little to explain and give you a live broadcast show of the miniature of world race. All differences between the human race and skin color meet at Kuta Beach. I guarantee you will really enjoy along your trip. Not many visitors come to Bali know trick and this tip. This is the really hidden information of yours. Good luck!!! The beach will provide and tell to you many things along your trip. This discovering trip will pay back all of your spending money to Bali even all of your disappointed during your holiday in the island. You can start your exploration in the front of Hard Rock hotel and turn left following and passing some front beach of Star hotel such as Grand Inna Kuta hotel, Kuta Art Market, Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Hotel Karthi, Maelasti Beach Hotel, Bali Garden Resort, Discovery Shopping Mall, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Sun Island Hotel Kuta, Bali Dynasty Resort, Green Garden Hotel, Febri’s Hotel, Edden Hotel Kuta Bali, Bintang Kuta Hotel, Ramadha Bintang Bali Hotel and much more another famous hotel. All of these hotels are located in the front of Kuta beach. You can also start from the front of Hard Rock hotel and turn right following coastline to explore what is inside of Kuta Beach such as activities of sunbathing, surfing, swimming and much more unique things you will encounter during your passing

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